BalREc - Investment And Real Estate Market Conference 2018

Since its first edition in 2006, BalREc conference has established itself as the most influential public platform for discussion in the real estate sector and investments gathers high-level representatives from the most attractive companies in the field of investment projects in Bulgaria: investors and investment funds, banks, consultants, legal companies, asset managers and others – to discuss and analyze market tendencies and forecasts in the various segments – office, commercial, industrial, residential and holiday projects, the economic climate as a factor for projects development, the challenges that investors face, best practices in asset management and current patterns of marketing.
The highlights of the programme are:

 Economy 2018-2019 – forecasts, risks and perspectives

-What are the expectations for the economic growth and which are the drivers to determine it?
-What are the indications for the interest rates – can we expect an increase in 2019 and what are the risks for the real estate market?
-Sectors with potential: Which sectors will be the economic growth engine?
-Labour market specifics 2019 – what should we expect?

• Investments and development: market environment – Bulgaria 2018

-Favourable economic environment, ease of financing, accelerating urbanisation process: which are the factors that are providing investment appetite to the real estate industry in Bulgaria and the region? What are the risks?
-Bulgaria is leading the charts in the industry reports as a destination for investors seeking higher yields than the average available for the EU markets: What is the investment product that Bulgaria is offering to the capital markets? What is missing?
-The evolution of the real estate market in Bulgaria: Where will the capital be allocated in the in the next 3-5 years? Which are the attractive segments and types of projects, where do the leading players see potential and how are they going to take advantage out of it?
-AirBnB, e-commerce, Coworking, millennials – are there other transformation drivers and which are they? Is the global digitalization and proptech trend a threat or an opportunity for the real estate industry?

• SEE Real Estate Investment markets 2018/2019: Where is SEE on the European investment map?

-What investment products are the SEE markets providing? What is the expected transaction volume for 2018 and what is the profile of the active investors?
-Romania: macroeconomic dynamics and attractive yield levels – what should we expect for the future development of the market?
-Serbia: construction activity and growing market- what are the demand and supply specifics and where is the potential?

• Offices market – projects, drivers and market challenges

-2018/2019 trends: What is the current situation on the office space market in Bulgaria as of the end of 2018 and what should we expect from the upcoming year?
-What are the mid-term and long-term perspectives towards the office market? Where is the potential – is the office segment going to be as attractive as it is now, given the volumes in the pipeline and the expected significant increase in the supply throughout the following years?
-How are the labour market forecasts going to affect the plans of the future office tenants? Are the secondary cities providing opportunities when it comes to human capital?

• The future of workplace

-Healthy environment, design, technologies, flexible space, more amenities – how the office of the future looks like? Are there no boundaries for the office area?
-The office environment as a factor in the human capital competition. Employer branding, the corporate culture and the office space.
-How is the co-working trend affecting the traditional office market? Do we expect much dynamic penetration of the co-working trend on the Bulgarian market?

• Retail space market – a transformation in process

-What is the agenda for the retail space market in an environment of economic growth and increasing consumption, digital transformation and constantly changing customer habits and performance?
-What are the characteristics of the successful tenant mix in the modern retail centres? How to adapt to the changing consumer patterns?
-What is the place of the new generation of customers – the millennials, in your strategy? Are they, as stated in many industry reports, totally changing the models and the drivers behind a purchase decision?
-How is the traditional retail sector reacting towards the dynamic e-commerce expansion? Is the e-commerce threat or opportunity, and what is the best way for the industry to adapt? What is the business model behind the global trend for online retailers to open physical stores?

• Logistics and industrial space market: potential and perspectives

-Which are the drivers for the increasing investment interest to modern industrial and logistics projects?
-Are we expecting a change in the trend that industrial and logistics space market is dominated by the supply side? Are there perspectives for the supply to catch up with the demand?
-What are the specifics of the new generation of logistics space? How is the e-commerce dynamics driving the development of the sector? What is the volume of the “Urban logistics” segment in Bulgaria and what are the expectation for its future development and potential?

• Residential market 2018: Demand, supply, price levels, forecasts

-Trends: Where is the residential market going? What are the challenges before the residential developers as of the end of 2018? What are the risks and the expectations for 2019?
-Demand: Is the profile of residential buyers changing? How is the new generation of buyers (the millennials) transforming the residential product?
-Supply: Luxury, mid-class, affordable, large-scale, boutique, niche, exclusive – do we observe a clear segmentation of the residential market and which is the segment with higher potential given the actual supply and demand levels? Are there enough options for the modern residential buyer?

• Residential complexes - models and good practices for a better living environment

-Safety, professional management, a healthy environment, facilities and services – what makes the so-called “gated community” projects a preferred place for living?
-Investment: Which are the zones, that (will) provide the best opportunities for development of residential projects in Sofia? And for the other cities? Are the locations and the infrastructure capacity the major factors?
-The assets in the area of the so called “Vitoshka yaka” are a subject of a very high market interest. What is the share of the assets acquired with investment purposes compared to the ones that are planned for personal use and is this proportion changing in the last years? Where is the sustainable balance?

• Urban and holiday hotels – trends 2018

-Is 2018 a successful year for the hotel business in Bulgaria, what is the profile of the hotel guests and how is the industry assessing the achieved financial results and major indicators (RevPAR, ADR, occupancy rate)? What are the expectations for 2019?
-What are the growth factors, the challenges and the threads for the industry? Is Airbnb the major disruptor for the hotel market?
-How is Sofia attracting the interest of the international hotel operators? Where are the secondary cities in their plans? What are the preferred operation formats – management contract, franchising, leasing or any other, and why? What are the major requirements of the international hotel operators and what should the local developers be aware of before they get into negotiations?
-Are the hotel assets in Bulgaria generating investment interest? Is there a potential for hotel transactions in the short term and what is the profile of the investors?

• Proptech: Digitizing process and Real Estate Market - conversation about technologies and innovations

-VR, AI, IoT,  – which are the innovations, which will determine the technological trends in the Real Estate sector? How do digital technologies create value for the industry? Which are the successful models to adapt?
-How to successfully convert the technological investments into added value for the projects and the services? Where is the balance?
-Showcase: Successful models and good practices


For early registration (till 22 October): 110 Eur/excl. VAT
After 22 October: 130 Eur/Excl. VAT